Five Counterintuitive Ways to Spur IT Innovation

Most CIOs could benefit by spending less time on day-to-day IT issues and more time on learning from customers and employees about what the business needs from IT.

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Outsourcing 2014: The New Normal

Changes in marketplace maturity and demands show an increase in outsourcing activity, with shorter-term and lower-value contracts gaining popularity.

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The Complicated Relationship Between CIOs and CSOs

Security expert Eric Cole discusses Target's gigantic data breach, a company's need for a CIO and CSO, and what CSOs wish CIOs understood about security.

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The Four Pillars: The Secret to IT Transformation

The key to transforming your IT team includes redefining leadership, bridging organizational silos, mastering the customer equation and catalyzing change.

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Three Flawed Issues About Cloud Computing

CIOs who embrace cloud computing will be able to focus less of their time on the utility aspect of IT and more of their time on adding business value to their organization.

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