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May 25, 2004

CIO Update Staff

Skills in Demand

When asked which technical skill sets were needed most within their IT departments, 84% of CIOs reported demand for expertise in Microsoft Windows (NT/2000/XP) administration. Visual Basic development was also cited as a hot specialty, receiving 46% of the response. Check Point firewall administration ranked third, cited by 41% of CIOs. (Note: Survey respondents were allowed multiple answers.)

Executives surveyed were also asked to identify the most sought-after specialties within their IT departments. Networking was the leading response at 25%.

"Businesses are investing heavily in network security and need skilled IT professionals to assess system vulnerabilities and develop strategies for overcoming them," said Lee. "In addition, networking staff are helping organizations improve efficiency by upgrading aging hardware and software."

Fourteen percent of technology executives cited a need for applications development professionals.

Regional Outlook

The West North Central states -- Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota -- anticipate the strongest technology hiring activity in the third quarter. Twelve percent of CIOs plan to expand their IT departments and none expect personnel reductions. The net 12% increase is up four percentage points from the region's second-quarter forecast.

"Many companies in the West North Central states are adopting a .NET platform as part of broader initiatives to replace outdated technologies," Lee said. "This is fueling demand in the region for C## (C-Sharp) and VB.NET development skills."

CIOs in the Mid-Atlantic -- New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania -- states also expect notable employment gains in the third quarter. Twelve percent of technology executives in this region plan to add IT staff and four percent expect personnel reductions, for a net eight percent hiring increase.

Industries Hiring

Technology executives in the business services sector are most optimistic about IT hiring activity in the third quarter. Fifteen percent of CIOs in this industry plan to add employees and two percent anticipate staff cutbacks. The net 13% hiring increase is eight percentage points above the national average.

The wholesale and finance, insurance and real estate industries also expect employment gains to exceed the national average. CIOs in both industry sectors forecast a net eight percent hiring increase in the third quarter.

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This article was compiled and edited by CIO Update staff. Please direct any questions regarding its content to Allen Bernard, Managing Editor.

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