Certification is a Four-Letter Word - Page 2

Jun 20, 2005

Steven Warren

Let them explore their potential. The whole purpose of training is to better oneself. If an employee works with Microsoft technology and they want to learn about Cisco firewalls, encourage it. Help them grow.

Give them the training that makes them love your company and be loyal to your company. In the end, you will find yourself with an excited, knowledgeable, fulfilled employee who feels appreciated and valued by his employer.

Open the door to experience in the IT community. Allow your employees to grow within the IT communities around the world by participating on message boards and blogging.

Encourage them to speak at conferences if their subject is accepted. Troubleshooting solutions to the problems of others and then providing helpful information to the masses is a great learning tool.

Offer subscriptions to trade magazines. If your employees are interested in certain computer subjects, consider allowing them to subscribe to a magazine that will provide cutting-edge information.

Support their need to read about emerging technologies. Providing your employees with resources to grow and learn and gain experience will likely be more valuable than any four-letter acronym out there.

Finally, and most importantly, make the investment in a computer lab.

One thing I would love every company to have is a lab for learning. There is nothing better than a computer lab to test out things and learn through hands-on participation.

You may even want to have your staff configure lab time into their job to explore new technologies or to dig deeper into familiar ones. I can't tell you the number of certification tests I have taken but I didn't even break the surface of many issues until I was faced with them in my lab at 2 a.m.

Real learning takes place when setting up these programs and labs and by working through them until you really feel the product and what it's about.

As a highly certified IT professional, I believe there is a better way for many companies to prepare their staffs. Allow your company's finest to ignite their passions. You will be (happily) surprised what the freedom will bring.

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