Using CSR Certification to Clean House - Page 2

Jan 19, 2007

Allen Bernard

In Wind River's case the problem was with external technical support but SCP certification can be used in-house as well to improve internal help desk operations. And, since it's an operational certification program (not one aimed individually at CSRs) once certified, your help desk processes, organization and management will be codified. So, when individuals move do on, which they will, the certification stays.

First and foremost, for SCP to work, you have to identify where your organization needs help. Service Strategies provided the gap analysis and the SCP books (yes, that's right books) to start the ball rolling. Once Mainz knew where the improvements needed to be made he implemented them.

"Basically, it was really a mirror that was shoved up in everyone's face everyday about how you were performing and, when that happens, you start getting better," said Stephens.

SCP helped Mainz change the way his CSRs talked to customers, the way they were paid (bonuses are now tied to customer satisfaction metrics), and the processes his CSRs used to manage requests.

Since SCP is a best practices methodology, part of being certified means helping others in undertaking the program. Mainz, for example, received advice from his peers at other companies on how to handle the sensitive issue of change the way he paid his CSR's bonuses.

The Takeaway

Now that the hard part is over and Wind River is SCP certified, Mainz can see results. His customer satisfaction ratings are way up, the company has been able to come up with a new premium support and services package that is selling well and he didn't loose any CSRs in the process.

He also has a continuously evolving methodology (SCP version 2007 is due out soon) to make sure his organization doesn't back slide once he moves on to new projects.

"Support is a competitive differentiator and we have a competitive differentiated support organization here now at Wind River where we didn't before," said Mainz. "And people are buying our technology and are engaging with us because of our support."

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