Employees Have Edge in Today's Job Market - Page 2

Jan 26, 2007

Katherine Spencer Lee

The disconnect between workers’ and employers’ perceptions of the job environment is almost certain to narrow, and the market for top talent is expected to remain competitive in the foreseeable future.

Survey data, combined with input from Robert Half Technology staffing and recruiting professionals across the country, already suggest that candidates are gradually realizing the advantage they have and leveraging it to secure better job opportunities.

Organizations that take steps to improve their recruitment and retention efforts will find themselves better prepared for the staffing challenges ahead and able to secure today’s top talent.

Katherine Spencer Lee is executive director of Robert Half Technology, a provider of IT professionals for initiatives ranging from e-business development and multi-platform systems integration to network engineering and technical support. Robert Half Technology has more than 100 locations in the North America and Europe, and offers online job search services at

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