The 'Big Brown' Syndrome in IT - Page 2

Aug 20, 2008

Laurent Duperval

Rotate roles. Allow people who have always worked in the shadows to step up to the limelight once in a while. There is nothing worse than being stuck supporting a project that was completed three years ago, and only doing maintenance on it. Everyone wants to try something new once in a while. Allow your IT talents to volunteer to work on new projects instead of assigning tasks. You might be surprised at the results.

Reward the support team. Maybe you don't have enough new projects or enough manpower to satisfy everyone's thirst for new experiences. That's all right. Think of rewarding your support teams periodically, simply because they are doing a bang up job of keeping the business afloat.

Supporting roles are not the most glamorous, but whether in movies, in hospitals, or in IT, they are critical. Companies celebrate their secretaries, hospitals celebrate their nurses; think of celebrating your support teams. Make a big deal out of it.

In any horse race, there will always be the stud, the one everybody expects to cross the finish line first. Then there are the others, the also-rans, the underdogs that only the owners will love. They may not be the most exciting horses, but they are the ones that allow you to have a race worth running.

Laurent Duperval is the president of Duperval Consulting which helps individuals and companies improve people-focused communication processes. He may be reached at or 514-902-0186.

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