Low-cost Employee Retention Strategies - Page 2

Oct 24, 2008

Katherine Spencer Lee

You may find that you can retain retirement-age employees by offering them different employment options other than full-time jobs. For instance, you might allow them to work part-time, lead training programs or return to your group to consult on special projects.

Build a buddy system

Mentoring is another great retention tool. Employees want to know their employers care about their professional development, and by giving them a support system, you help them succeed in their jobs. Mentors can be assigned to assist new hires and junior staff, but keep in mind that they’re also valuable for more experienced IT professionals, who may benefit from guidance in such areas as management techniques, budgeting and advanced technologies.

Just be sure that you partner employees who are compatible and that the mentors you select have the time to commit to the program. Then establish some basic guidelines for the mentoring relationship to ensure everyone is satisfied with the arrangement.

Keeping employees happy doesn’t have to break the bank. The key is to see your staff as individuals and customize your retention efforts so they’re meaningful. For example, tickets to a local football game aren’t very rewarding if no one in your group is a football fan. Consider surveying your employees periodically to find out what types of benefits and programs they’d like your firm to add. You’ll encourage your top performers to turn a deaf ear when the competition calls.

Katherine Spencer Lee is executive director of Robert Half Technology, a leading provider of IT professionals for initiatives ranging from e-business development and multiplatform systems integration to network security and technical support. The company has more than 100 locations worldwide and offers online job search services at

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