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Nov 4, 2009

Derek Lonsdale

This doesn’t mean relying on your senior team. Use the energy, enthusiasm and fresh thinking of your rising stars, and give them a chance to shine. Their involvement will act as a stimulus to other members of the team to get involved and will generate a stronger culture of participation within the organization. Using people with cross functional experience and good links into the organization (e.g., client service managers) will provide the vital connections that make things happen. One caveat: expect to re-prioritize workloads and make sure you agree how much time your team will need to complete the task; especially if they have BAU delivery to deal with as well.

Communicate regularly and make it a two-way process - Speaking to your customers and teams about the activities you plan to undertake and listening to their views about the effects you are having along the way, should be a fundamental part of quick wins delivery.

Engage in dialogue with your customers as soon as you can to confirm whether the things you are working on match their priorities and be open to their suggestions. In some cases, it may help achieve a quick outcome if customers assist in delivery. For example, where a business process needs to be changed make sure you get their commitment to be involved.

As well as talking to customers, don’t forget to make sure that the whole team knows what is going on and what the short-term priorities are. Again, make this a two-way dialogue so that you can draw out ideas and suggestions from the wider group. Add quick wins progress to the agenda of regular team meetings, so that the profile of the activities is maintained. The short time scales you are working with mean that you will need to communicate “little and often”; not just at the start and end of your delivery. Any silence will be assumed to mean that nothing is going on and initiative will be lost.

Make sure the whole team is ready to contribute and celebrate your success - Delivering quick wins isn’t just up to a few individuals. Speedy outcomes depend on support and commitment from customers, colleagues and suppliers or partners. The whole department needs to know that quick wins delivery is a priority, and everyone will need to be prepared to contribute to support the cause. Make sure your suppliers are aware of the priority of your activities, and use their capability to help delivery―temporarily reprioritizing existing initiatives they are working on, if necessary.

You will find that successfully delivering quick wins will provide a major boost to people’s appetite for continued improvement and to their commitment to deliver longer-term outcomes. So, share the successes you achieve as widely as possible. This is your big chance to shout about something of value.

Following these simple rules for managing quick wins will lead to a higher likelihood of delivering successful and timely outcomes.

Derek Lonsdale is a managing consultant in PA Consulting Group’s IT Consulting practice. He is an ITIL manager, an ISO20000 consultant and has contributed to the design and deployment of service management solutions for numerous clients.

Michael Harman is a principal consultant in PA Consulting Group’s IT Management & Operations practice. He has a successful track record of developing and improving IT service management capabilities, underpinned by his broad IT service management knowledge. Michael holds the ITIL Managers accreditation.

Aga Wicinska is a consultant analyst in PA Consulting Group’s IT Management & Operations practice. She has a depth of knowledge and experience in IT Services Management within ITIL oriented environments, and has developed processes and procedures compliant with ITIL methodology.

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