Gates: Info Glut Killing Businesses

May 18, 2006

Ed Sutherland

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates this week told executives in not so many words that information will bury their businesses if they don't get a handle on it.

To solve the information deluge problem, Microsoft stressed improved search and increased collaboration. A keystone of that vision is Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007.

In a keynote address at the software giant's 10th annual CEO Summit, Gates said that the value for companies is in finding ways to share information. But he said business doesn't have the tools to manage the information overload.

The mountains of data "are making it so people can't act on it without being overwhelmed."

One feature of SharePoint Server is the searchable Knowledge Network, which builds profiles of employees and their areas of expertise.

Microsoft also demonstrated SharePoint's Business Data Catalog and its ability to search business applications from Siebel and SAP. This article was first published on To read the full article, click here.


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