It's a Wrap: Liberty Finalizes Web Services Schema

Oct 5, 2006

Clint Boulton

The road was long, but the journey could be worth it for the Internet community and the businesses that seek to make money from it.

The Liberty Alliance, whose members include service providers like AOL (Quote, Chart) and American Express, today released the final version of the Identity Web Services Framework 2.0.

ID-WSF 2.0 is a schema for building secure, interoperable Web services (define) that can be piped over the Internet.

ID-WSF 2.0 was originally developed to transmit secure transactions between large businesses, such as financial firms that need to process secure online financial transactions as part of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) (define) for distributed computing.

The schema now takes social-networking sites into consideration.

The new framework includes Liberty People Service, a Web services framework the group created to let consumers and organizations securely store information for blogging, photo sharing and instant messaging in a social network.

Users establish privacy controls, enabling them to guard against phishing, pharming and other forms of online identity theft that have plagued the Web in the past few years.

Such controls are crucial at a time when social-networking sites like, Flickr and others in the so-called Web 2.0 world are accruing more users at a rapid rate; businesses need to employ a trustworthy framework to safeguard the information users store on their sites.

ID-WSF 2.0 is now one such option.

The final version of ID-WSF 2.0 also allows SAML 2.0 assertions to be used as security tokens, and it incorporates WS-Addressing to enable asynchronous messaging capabilities.

There are also new subscription and notification features to allow a push model for attribute sharing.

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