IT Management Tech Still in Demand

By CIO Update Staff

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Despite the overall decline in IT spending, companies are still investing in technologies that help control costs and enable businesses to work smarter. This according to an Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) report, At the Edge of the Storm: IT Investments from Jan/08 through Feb/09. The findings suggest that while IT spending overall is on the decrease, IT management software appears to be less affected by the downturn.

"Faced with tight budgets and greater accountability in today's dim economic climate, IT organizations and the businesses they support are turning to technologies that help them work smarter and differently than before," said Dennis Drogseth, EMA vice president, in a press release. "While our research shows that overall IT spending is down, we found that companies are still spending on management software directed at optimizing and aligning IT investments."

The report evaluates data from nearly 4,000 EMA survey respondents between January 2008 and February 2009 to identify key trends in IT spending during the time period.

Key findings include: