META Report: Consider 10 Crucial Issues With Pervasive Deployments

By Jack Gold

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Enterprises will deploy significantly more applications to pervasive devices during the next three to four years. By 2004/05, we expect Pocket PC (Windows CE-based) to have 50% share of the enterprise personal digital assistant (PDA) market, with Palm at 35%-40% and Linux-based devices at 10%-15% (primarily specialized devices for Java applications, single-purpose applications, etc.). Within four to five years, we expect improved smart phones (e.g., MSFT Stinger) and improved network rollouts (e.g., 2.5G/3G) to drive enterprise deployment of mission-critical applications to wireless devices (both smart phone-based and wireless modems attached to PDAs), with 15%-20% of enterprise mobile workers using these devices.


We believe enterprises must focus on the following 10 key issues to make pervasive communication a reality:

Business Impact: Wireless/pervasive applications will become a business focus between today and 2006. If selected carefully and implemented effectively in targeted business areas, these applications can improve field-force effectiveness and increase return on investment. However, we expect many implementations to fail until organizations learn the success factors associated with this new technology. Investments should be made carefully.

Bottom Line: Through 2005/06, most enterprises will implement pervasive technology solutions. These organizations must focus on effective strategies that include a number of planning and implementation steps. ROI will be king, and implementations will be driven by business need, not by availability of sexy new technologies.