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Nov 9, 2000

- Staff

To achieve Arbill's wireless CRM goals, Copeland needed to replace an ancient, text-based TeleMagic CRM product that faced Y2K-related obsolescence. The reliance on a dumb-terminal-based package hampered the company's ability to embrace the Internet and the opportunities presented by e-commerce and other Web-based technology, which Arbill saw as a competitive disadvantage.

Installation and deployment of the SalesLogix software at Arbill was simple and straightforward and done over a weekend, says Copeland. The most time-consuming part was importing existing CRM information from the old system, she says. Arbill worked with Practical Sales Consulting Inc. of Blue Bell, Pa., to create custom software to read its antiquated systems information. The telephone deployment took less then two weeks to implement. Interact Commerce provided extensive training on the new package well in advance of product rollout.

Cost of the installation from the systems integrator for the first year was approximately $74,000, including customization, back-office integration, and training. Aside from the costs regularly associated with cellular services there are no additional charges for providing mobile connectivity. Since cellular telephones were already a part of the mobile sales reps' tools, no additional expense was needed to supply them. Telephones are supplied by Arbill for all users and are provisioned with sufficient minutes to support virtually continuous access. "The increased number of successful sales calls easily justified the project cost," Copeland says.
Lessons Learned About Using Wireless CRM Software
  • Wireless technology and intelligent devices carry great potential for empowering mobile workers, including increased communication between road and office workers; instant access to customer data; and impressive technology capabilities that demonstrate the ability for better customer service.

  • Be certain to select individual wireless providers for each specific geographic region.

  • Design corporate infrastructures to support wireless capability now that is also scalable for the future.

  • Instant access to data increases customer satisfaction.
  • Know Your Needs and Capabilities

    When planning IT infrastructures, companies should do as much as possible to anticipate the impact of mobile, intelligent devices. "All
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