Introducing Crossnodes Briefings on CIN

Jul 25, 2001

CIN Staff

CIN today introduces a new resource for its members. Crossnodes Briefings offer background on key enterprise technologies and Crossnodes Product Briefings offer the background as well as lists and links to vendors and their products.

Produced by Crossnodes, an site, the briefings contain an overview of the technology and other information you need to know before purchasing and implementing a specific technology.

CIN has archived nine Crossnodes items under the Great Docs section of our site, in a category we're calling Technology Briefings. There you'll find Crossnodes Briefings on firewalls, WLANs, network storage, gigabit NICs, network diagnostic tools, network management software, network security suites, wireless LAN connections, and e-commerce servers.

We'll also be adding to the archive this latest Crossnodes Briefing (below), on gigabit Ethernet switches, and will periodically add new briefings to the Great Docs section.

(Great Docs, as you may or may not know, is CIN's repository for all sorts of documents ofr interest to CIOs, including surveys and studies, IT policies for members' companies, archived reports and other information. Find the link on the lefthand navigation bar, or