Special Report: Enterprise Security

Apr 1, 2002

David Aponovich

IT security is one of the most critical issues facing CIOs and other enterprise tech leaders. In the months since Sept. 11, the "security" issue has grown in importance, ranging from e-mail viruses to user authentication issues to data protection and business continuity planning.

To help IT execs get a view of what's happening in IT security, CIN has collected recent coverage relating to this critical issue. Included in our package of articles and columns are reports on the growing importance of chief security officers in the enterprise, as well as trends in IT security, product developments, disaster/business continuity planning.

Chief Security Officers
Rise of the Chief Security Officer: Even before Sept. 11, many companies were hiring a top executive specifically to oversee their IT security needs, but in the months since the attacks the trend has accelerated.

Chief Security Officers' Pay Varies Widely: CSOs in the financial services industry can expect to earn significantly more than their counterparts in utilities, manufacturing and other fields.

Curbing Security Threats is Red Cross Exec's Priotity: Ron Baklarz, the first chief information security officer at the Red Cross, talks about protecting the charity's networks and data - and why the CISO position is surfacing in enterprises like his.

Security Trends and Management Issues
Companies Confront Rising Network Security Threats: Ensuring that their systems are trustworthy and secure is a major corporate responsibility, but many companies aren't doing nearly enough to protect their networks from increasingly potent and global threats.

CIOs' Business Continuity Plans Seen Falling Short: IT executives post-Sept. 11 are concentrating more on revamping and testing plans, as opposed to more costly moves such as relocating offices and establishing new data centers.

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How IT Departments Can Help Rather Than Hinder Security : Chubb Corp. chairman tells IT leaders that security and business continuity planning must go beyond the walls of IT to include broad executive support.

Security Survey Highlights CEOs' Disconnect: A recent Booz Allen survey finds many CEOs lack a thorough understanding of what it takes to develop and implement a rigorous security strategy.

Security Tips and Tools

Security Product of the Year 2001 : Concern about network security helps propel a firewall product, Cisco's PIX 501, to the top spot in the 2001 Security Product of the Year category.

Before Trouble Strikes: When disaster strikes, recovering the data center is essential. But even more important is getting all the critical business functions back in operation ASAP. Here's a checklist and template for all the steps you need to go through to create a comprehensive disaster recovery plan -- before trouble takes you down.

The New Logistics of Disaster Recovery: IT organizations must now work with HR and facilities management on disaster planning.

Network Security Management Market Heats Up: Centralized security management tools are being snapped up by enterprises wanting to solidify and centralize their network protection.

Sun's Vision: Network Identity Through Hardware: Sun offers a new platform with hardware to help make it easier for corporations to manage thousands of network users' identities.

META Report: Smart Tools With Smart Cards: As enterprises look to boost network security, many IT organizations will turn to smart cards to supplement their password approaches to user authentication.


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