CIOs Gaining Acceptance as Board Members

Jul 14, 2005

Allen Bernard

Nearly half (46%) of more than 2,000 global executives surveyed believe the CIO "absolutely" has a role to play on a company's board of directors, according to the latest Executive Quiz from Korn/Ferry International released yesterday.

Only a very small portion (three percent) of respondents stated "not at all."

"The role of the CIO has evolved over the years into a segmented position, serving both as a primary driver for operational efficiency and change, as well as an elite technologist, said Richard Spitz, global managing director of Korn/Ferry's Technology Market.

"It's interesting to contrast the high percentage of respondents who believe that the CIO has a role to play on the board with the low number of CIOs who currently sit on Fortune 1000 boards. Clearly, there is an opportunity to explore a change in board dynamics by adding this role into the mix."

Korn/Ferry, a provider of executive search, outsourced recruiting and leadership development solutions, also surveyed executives on their potential interest in working for a technology company despite volatility in years past. More than two-thirds (67%) said they were either "highly likely" or "likely" to consider a technology industry career path.

Other findings from the quiz:

Do you believe that the technology industry has fully recovered from the "dotcom" recession? (Respondents: 2,300)

Fully 9%

Somewhat 62%

Neutral 13%

Not much 14%

Not at all 2%

With regards to technology spending, how would you rate the state of the current economy? (Respondents: 1,360)

It is in the midst of a major upswing 9%

It is beginning to improve 51%

It appears to be relatively stable 28%

It is as good as it will get 5%

It may be poised for another downturn 7%

Do you believe that technology has generally improved or impeded efficiency at your company? (Respondents: 2,141)

Significantly improved 69%

Somewhat improved 27%

Neither improved nor impeded 3%

Somewhat impeded 1%

Significantly impeded 1%

Survey Methodology

The Korn/Ferry International Executive Quiz is based on a global survey of executives registered within the firm's online Executive Center, Respondents from nearly 75 countries, representing a wide spectrum of industries and functional areas, participated in the most recent Executive Quiz between May and June 2005.


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