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Best Practices for BYOD on a Budget

If you don't put together a secure BYOD policy, which is entirely doable, your employees will write it for you, writes Jim MacLeod of WildPackets.


BYOD: How to Secure the Inevitable

Like every other disruptive technology that advanced into the enterprise, security will be key to successfully deploying BYOD, writes Kevin Flynn of Fortinet.


How to Manage the BYOD Quandary

Quick fixes are needed, but a strategy that helps move IT ops into the 21st Century is best when it comes to securing and managing your BYOD problem, writes John Lytle of ISG.


BYOD Management Tools and Tactics

Not only do employees bring their own devices, but they also move corporate data onto the cloud without much thought.


How Will BYOD Impact Your Carrier Contract?

BYOD will have an impact on every facet of telecom expense management, writes Matt West of NPI.


BYOD & BYOC Security Concerns may Change Everything

The bring your own device and, with it, your own cloud, phenomenon is gaining momentum and will push IT security best practices down to the data itself, writes Geoff Webb of Credant Technologies.


The 5 Most Overlooked BYOD Mistakes to Avoid

Everyone frets about BYOD security, but something as simple as improper expensing policies can lead to unhappy employees and be just as costly and time consuming for everyone, writes Roger Yang of Avema Critical Wireless.


How SAP's CIO Learned to Love BYOD

To be a business front runner, it's unacceptable to be a year or even six months behind consumer trends. Oliver Bussmann's approach: If you can't beat them, lead them.


How to Embrace the Consumerization of IT

Like it or not, your employees are one step ahead of you and starting into jog as they decide which technologies they will use to do their jobs, writes Futurist Daniel Burrus of Burrus Research.


Enhancing Workforce Mobility with Consumerization

The consumerization of IT is enabling a whole generation of new workers to work where they want, when they want and this can great benefits for your customers if you play the trend right, writes Jamie Ryan of Aspect.


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