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OAuth with Xamarin Forms Passive Authentication for iOS Apps
Uma Narayanan | Published Nov 8, 2017

Learn how to do a passive authentication in Xamarin Forms for iOS.

Tags:OAuth,API,apps,URL,IOS,XAML,tokens,Safari browser,Xamarin Forms,URI,NuGet Package Manager,passive authentication,authentication site
Ten Security Issues Developers Overlook While Developing Apps
CIO Update Staff | Published Jul 28, 2017

Hundreds of thousands of mobile applications are downloaded by Internet users every day. Learn where problems may occur and to secure your apps.

Tags:security,cybersecurity,apps,malware,application,encryption,mobile devices,jailbreaking,Security Breaches,reverse engineer
Key Attributes for Winning with Embedded Analytics in .NET or Java Apps
CIO Update Staff | Published Apr 5, 2017

With the right embedded analytics software, you'll get the visualizations and insights you need, regardless of the technology your application is built upon.

Tags:Java,.NET,Cloud,API,apps,business intelligence,BI,analytics,embedded,software engineering,insights,visualization tool