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Preventing DevOps Failures
Joydip Kanjilal | Published Mar 24, 2017

Take advantage of the best strategies and practices to prevent failures in DevOps implementation in an enterprise.

Tags:automation,development,metrics,operations,DevOps,goals,visibility,devops best practices,DevOps approaches
Developer Productivity: Managing Cycle Times in Iterative Development
Robert L. Bogue | Published Mar 17, 2017

Look into the concept of iterations, and that how quickly we cycle can make a big difference.

Tags:automation,developer,QA,iteration,developer productivity,cycle times,iterative development,waterfall development
Is Your Organization Correctly Implementing DevOps for the Database?
CIO Update Staff | Published Mar 10, 2017

A database that is well incorporated can drastically affect your company in a positive way.

Tags:database,automation,database administrator,database administration,DBA,DevOps,DevOps Adoption