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SharePoint Development in 2017
Rob Bogue | Published Aug 7, 2017

Look at the development models available in SharePoint and Office 365 development and learn why one would choose one model versus another.

Tags:SOAP,Azure,SharePoint,online,ASP,on-premises,sandbox,Office 365,RESTful,Microsoft Graph,SharePoint API
Sending Notifications to Mobile Apps from Azure Function Apps
Uma Narayanan | Published Jul 10, 2017

Learn to integrate a service bus with a function app to send push notifications to your mobile app.

Tags:JSON,Android,Azure,push notifications,Xamarin,service bus,notifications,GCM,function app
An Eulogy to Private Servers
CIO Update Staff | Published Jan 18, 2017

Some private servers still exist, but their number is dwindling. When will you embrace the cloud?

Tags:AWS,Amazon,Cloud,Microsoft,Azure,scalability,cloud servers,Google Cloud Platform,economies of scale,private server
Azure Machine Learning (Azure ML) How-to
Uma Narayanan | Published Dec 29, 2016

Discover how to create a training model and then deploy it as a Web service.

Tags:Python,Microsoft,SaaS,Azure,CSV Files,R,workspace,Azure Machine Learning,Azure ML,training model,UI-based,dataset,experiment