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Seven Changes 2017 Will Bring for Software Developers
CIO Update Staff | Published Jan 19, 2017

Many new developments are slated for 2017. Here are seven key changes you need to be prepared to handle.

Tags:developer,Cloud,code,AI,features,applications software,containers as a service,chatbots
An Eulogy to Private Servers
CIO Update Staff | Published Jan 18, 2017

Some private servers still exist, but their number is dwindling. When will you embrace the cloud?

Tags:AWS,Amazon,Cloud,Microsoft,Azure,scalability,cloud servers,Google Cloud Platform,economies of scale,private server
DevOps Tips: The Cloud-Data Center Balance
CIO Update Staff | Published Jan 11, 2017

Become part of the parallel rise of the DevOps movement, and learn how it's stealing the spotlight from IT.

Tags:Cloud,IT,Data Center Bridging,DevOps,siam,DevOps Adoption,line-of-business users,Service Integration and Management
Deploying Applications to the AWS Cloud in a Jiffy!
CIO Update Staff | Published Nov 14, 2016

Learn to deploy your applications to the AWS cloud.

Tags:AWS,Amazon Web Services,Cloud,Visual Studio,Amazon Web Services' Elastic Beanstalk,AWS SDK,application environment
What Advantages Does Azure Provide for Business Apps?
CIO Update Staff | Published Sep 15, 2016

Learn when, and how, to transition your apps and data to the cloud.

Tags:Cloud,Azure,VPN,capex,opex,virtual machines,ExpressRoute for Azure
Movin' on Up: 3 Things to Consider When Migrating Legacy Applications to the Cloud
CIO Update Staff | Published Sep 13, 2016

Here are some tips to help ease your migration to the cloud.

Tags:Cloud,architecture,migrate,optimize,scalability,legacy applications
SAP HANA, Microsoft Azure, Office 365: Integration, Collaboration, and More
Bradley Jones | Published May 18, 2016

Microsoft and SAP are working together to provide better collaboration.

Tags:Cloud,SAP,Microsoft Azure,SAP HANA
What Is Azure Data Lake?
Uma Narayanan | Published Apr 6, 2016

Explore what Data Lake is and learn about the new services included under Data Lake Services.

Tags:Cloud,Microsoft,Azure,data warehouse,HDInsight,Azure Data Lake,U-SQL query language,Azure Data Lake Analytics,WebHDFS