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10 Strengths That Make Developers and Engineers Great CEOs
CIO Update Staff | Published Sep 19, 2016

Follow these ideas and become the next killer CEO.

Tags:open source,developer,CEO,engineers,experimenters
Five Factors that Make Good Developers Great
CIO Update Staff | Published Aug 8, 2016

The public perception of development has dramatically changed, with programmers seen as experts in demand on a global scale. Conquer the skills to be great.

Freedom Through Apps: Targeting and Marketing Your Apps
Rob Bogue | Published Dec 18, 2015

Learn a new term for your App development skill set: "target marketing."

Tags:developer,marketing,application,appeals,app store,Advertising and Marketing,Target,advertisements,word of mouth
Freedom Through Apps: Retiring a Rich Developer
Rob Bogue | Published Nov 25, 2015

Discover how you can leverage your independence to create an app, and a company that will be your ticket to retiring rich.

Tags:developer,marketing,application,sales,developer community,marketing and sales,lone wolf
A Developer's Path to Freedom Through Apps
Rob Bogue | Published Nov 20, 2015

Developing your own apps can lead to professional and personal freedom. Is it the right path for you?

Tags:developer,applications,LinkedIn,consultant,LinkedIn Profile,independent contractors,independent developers
How to Hire a Java Developer
CIO Update Staff | Published Oct 9, 2015

Here is the vital guide on how to hire the best Java developer.

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