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Getting Started with Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Deepak Vohra | Published Aug 23, 2017

The process of installing Kubernetes on CoreOS on AWS is simplified by following these steps.

Tags:AWS,Amazon Web Services,DNS,EC2,SSH,IP address,CloudFormation,Amazon Linux AMI,docker,CoreOS,CLI,Kubernetes,command line interface,KMS
Using Couchbase Server on AWS
Deepak Vohra | Published May 8, 2017

Discover the Couchbase Server Community Edition 4.5.0 on AWS, a distributed, NoSQL database based on the document model.

Tags:Hadoop,AWS,SQL,JSON,EC2,distributed,Couchbase,Amazon Linux AMI,AMI,N1QL: SQL for JSON,Kafka,NoSQL Database,Couchbase Server,data bucket