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Working with a Camera in Android
Chunyen Liu | Published Nov 3, 2017

Harness the basics of what the Android Camera API can do, and see some code to assist you.

Tags:Google,Android,image processing,camera phone,Android Camera API,Android 6.0 API level 23,Android Intent
Exploring the Android SDK and AVD Managers
Chunyen Liu | Published Oct 18, 2017

Learn about two useful tools that will keep your development packages up to date and to emulate the testing devices.

Tags:command line,Google,Android,SDK,test,emulator,android studio,software development kit,AVD,verify,Android Virtual Device Manager
Handling Android Things Peripheral Events
Rob Gravelle | Published Jun 7, 2017

Android Things apps have to communicate with an astounding array of peripheral devices, from buttons, temperature readers, and speakers, to handheld GPSes.

Tags:Google,LED,GPIO,Android Things OS,Peripheral Driver Library,portability,peripheral I/O API,General Purpose Input/Output,PWM,pulse width modulation
Getting Started with Android Things Development
Rob Gravelle | Published Apr 26, 2017

Get started working with Google's Android Things and learn how to set up the required hardware and software.

Tags:Google,Android,SD Card,internet of things,system on a chip,Intel Edison,Raspberry Pi 3,Android Things OS,Adafruit Project Kit,GPIO connector
Android Studio Tutorial: An Introduction
Joydip Kanjilal | Published Dec 21, 2016

Learn to use Android Studio, Google's full-blown official IDE for Android application development.

Tags:Java,Eclipse,XML,Google,IDE,android studio,Gradle,Android applications,Android Virtual Device Manager,Android Device Monitor