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What's Coming with Java 9
Manoj Debnath | Published Nov 2, 2016

Here are ten key areas from the Java Enhancements Proposals index that are going to influence Java programmers in the years to come.

Tags:Java SE,Concurrency,Serialization,Java EE,JDK,Java 9,factory method,Java Enhancements Proposals,JEP,Project Jigsaw
Getting Started with an MVC Application with JBoss Seam
Deepak Vohra | Published Sep 28, 2016

Create a JBoss Seam Model View Controller (MVC) application consisting of an EJB 3.0 entity bean, a stateful session bean, and a JSF user interface.

Tags:JSF,Java EE,MVC,JBoss,EJB,session bean,entity bean,JBoss Seam