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Digging Deep into Java Recursion
Manoj Debnath | Published Jul 24, 2017

Unravel some key aspects of the recursive technique in the light of Java programming.

Tags:Java,JavaFX,recursion,solution statement,direct recursion,indirect recursion,factorial,base case
What Is Functional Programming in Java?
Manoj Debnath | Published Jul 14, 2017

Break into functional programming, from the perspective of using Java.

Tags:Java,Functional programming,Java 8,lambda expressions,object-oriented programming,programming paradigm,Lambda Calculus,anonymous class
Understanding Java Wrapper Classes
Manoj Debnath | Published Jul 7, 2017

Learn more about the classes provided in the standard API library.

Tags:Java,API,constructor,boxing,primitive data type,wrapper class,reference type,standard API library
Working with JavaFX UI Layouts
Manoj Debnath | Published Jun 23, 2017

Learn to create striking, yet functional, UI layouts in JavaFX.

Tags:Java,framework,UI,user interface,API,JavaFX,vertical,layouts,FXML,horizontal,child node
How to Code Java Clipboard Functionality
Manoj Debnath | Published Jun 16, 2017

If you want to use clipboard functionality in a custom user component developed in Swing, AWT, or JavaFX, you'll need to add some Java code.

Tags:Java,API,GUI,clipboard,class,superclass,method,cut-copy-paste,abstract,Abstract Window Toolkit
Understanding Java Process and Java ProcessBuilder
Manoj Debnath | Published Jun 9, 2017

Discover some of the common functionalities of the process APIs to understand them in Java.

Tags:Java,runtime,constructor,pipe character,overloaded function,abstract class,Java Process,Java ProcessBuilder,process API,auxiliary class
How to Add Java Print Services to Your Java Application
Manoj Debnath | Published Jun 2, 2017

Learn to use the Java Print Services API in a Java application.

Tags:Java,printer,printing,Java Print Services API,printer UI
Understanding Java Tree APIs
Manoj Debnath | Published May 25, 2017

Create non-linear data structures, called trees, to organize your data objects.

Tags:Java,API,tree,data structure,data object,non-linear,binary search tree,red-black tree
Understanding JDBC Connection Pooling
Manoj Debnath | Published May 19, 2017

Learn to use the connection pooling mechanism and apply it to a Java application.

Tags:Java,MySQL,database,JDBC,API,JVM,multi-threaded,Eclipse IDE,connection pooling,JDBC 3.0 API,c3p0
Creating a JDBC Application in NetBeans: A Step-by-Step Guide
Manoj Debnath | Published May 3, 2017

Creating a JDBC application in NetBeans is easy if you keep things simple.

Tags:Java,MySQL,database,Linux,JDBC,SQL,NetBeans,DML,MySQL Server,DDL,MySQL Monitor
Introducing JEE Application Session Beans
Manoj Debnath | Published Apr 24, 2017

Explore some key information to use session beans in an enterprise application.

Tags:Java,XML,Business logic,application,metadata,EJB,singleton,stateful,JEE,session bean,remote method invocation,RMI,stateless
Managing Transactions with EJB
Manoj Debnath | Published Apr 17, 2017

Dive into the concept of transaction management with EJB.

Tags:Java,JDBC,XML,Acid,JTA,atomicity,consistency,isolation,durability,EJB transaction management,bean managed transaction,container-managed
Key Classes for Handling Files with Java NIO.2
Manoj Debnath | Published Apr 13, 2017

Explore some of the key classes that are commonly used in file handling in Java.

Tags:Java,metadata,channel,Buffer,file handling,Java NIO.2,static method,helper class,Absolute path,relative path,unbuffered
Key Attributes for Winning with Embedded Analytics in .NET or Java Apps
CIO Update Staff | Published Apr 5, 2017

With the right embedded analytics software, you'll get the visualizations and insights you need, regardless of the technology your application is built upon.

Tags:Java,.NET,Cloud,API,apps,business intelligence,BI,analytics,embedded,software engineering,insights,visualization tool
Java NIO.2 File Handling
Manoj Debnath | Published Mar 29, 2017

Study the features of channel-based I/O and learn about its uses with brief examples.

Tags:Java,I/O,channels,asynchronous,Buffer,file handling,Java NIO.2,channel-based,stream-based,single-threaded,read operation,write operation
What Is a Java Formatter in Java Programming?
Manoj Debnath | Published Mar 20, 2017

Explore the Java Formatter class and observe some of its utility in everyday programming in Java.

Tags:Java,threads,constructor,C/C++,Java API Documentation,Formatter class
Exploring the Queue Interface in Java
Manoj Debnath | Published Mar 13, 2017

Learn about the working concept of using the Que interface in Java.

Tags:Java,array,Queue,Java Collection API Library,FIFO,LIFO
Moving from Apache Load Balancer to AWS Elastic Load Balancer
CIO Update Staff | Published Mar 8, 2017

Making the shift from Apache Load Balancer to AWS Elastic Load Balancer can be challenging. Read through one process that led to success.

Tags:Java,IP address,B2B,webservices,HTTP requests,Apache Load Balancer,AWS Elastic Load Balancer,ServletFilter,Web Access Control List,Web ACL,X-Forwarded-For
Understanding Java Nested Classes and Java Inner Classes
Manoj Debnath | Published Mar 6, 2017

Using both nested and inner classes is integral to being a successful Java programmer. Pick up some skills here.

Tags:Java,event handling,classes,nested classes,inner classes,static nested class,non-static nested class,GUI programming
Understanding Enumeration in Java
Manoj Debnath | Published Feb 27, 2017

Learn how enumerations can be utilized in Java.

Tags:Java,APIs,enumeration,qualifier,JDK5,abstract class,named constant,super class,super interface