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Tip for Porting Legacy ASP.NET Apps to ASP.NET Core
Joydip Kanjilal | Published Sep 13, 2017

Take advantage of the best practices and tools to ensure that the process of migration of your legacy ASP.NET application to ASP.NET Core is seamless.

Tags:open source,ASP.NET,Linux,web application,Windows,Visual Studio,Mac,migration,BCL,ASP.NET Core,seamless integration,.NET Portability Analyzer
Using MySQL Databases in Oracle JDeveloper
Deepak Vohra | Published Jun 21, 2017

Learn to connect to and use a MySQL database in JDeveloper.

Tags:MySQL,database,Linux,JDBC,Oracle,SQL,IDE,Mac OS X,Microsoft Windows,SSH,JDeveloper,command line interface,worksheet,global preferences
Creating a JDBC Application in NetBeans: A Step-by-Step Guide
Manoj Debnath | Published May 3, 2017

Creating a JDBC application in NetBeans is easy if you keep things simple.

Tags:Java,MySQL,database,Linux,JDBC,SQL,NetBeans,DML,MySQL Server,DDL,MySQL Monitor
Top Mockup and Wireframing Design Tools for Effective UI/UX Designs
David Meyer | Published Apr 7, 2017

Everyone wants to have an effective Web site design that can benefit them in the future run. Learn wireframing to achieve the desired effect.

Tags:Linux,Windows,HTML,Mac,Unix,mobile app,Web site design,UI/UX designers,wireframe,development time,design life cycle
Accessing Files Using Python
Pravin Kumar Sinha | Published Jan 6, 2017

Explore various ways to access files in a file system through the use of Python.