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Consuming Web Services with PHP Using NuSOAP
Octavia Andreea Anghel | Published Mar 15, 2017

Use the NuSOAP library to write a simple PHP Web service server and client. Also, write a PHP Web service server and a JavaScript client to use it.

Tags:PHP,JavaScript,Web services,Ajax,SOAP,HTML,NuSOAP,Web service server,Web service client
Top 10 PHP Security Tips for Linux Admins
CIO Update Staff | Published Oct 26, 2016

Look at some PHP security tips for Linux admins.

Tags:PHP,Linux,security,SQL injection,Ubuntu,Fedora,HTTP,administrator,remote code execution,PHP 7
An Introduction to MailThief in Laravel
CIO Update Staff | Published Aug 30, 2016

Use this clever program to make testing your email much easier.

Tags:PHP,TDD,Test Driven Development,Laravel,MailThief,PHPUnit
Testing Controllers in Laravel with the Service Container
CIO Update Staff | Published May 17, 2016

Learn how the Laravel controller and Service Container work together and how to leverage the container for testing purposes.

Tags:PHP,Dependency injection,Laravel,Vagrant,repository,Service Container,Vagrant VM,Mockery