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An Introduction to MailThief in Laravel
CIO Update Staff | Published Aug 30, 2016

Use this clever program to make testing your email much easier.

Tags:PHP,TDD,Test Driven Development,Laravel,MailThief,PHPUnit
Testing Controllers in Laravel with the Service Container
CIO Update Staff | Published May 17, 2016

Learn how the Laravel controller and Service Container work together and how to leverage the container for testing purposes.

Tags:PHP,Dependency injection,Laravel,Vagrant,repository,Service Container,Vagrant VM,Mockery
PHP for Startups: New Lease on Life?
CIO Update Staff | Published Nov 16, 2015

Here are several reasons to select PHP, a long-time language leader in the burgeoning market.

Tags:PHP,Ruby on Rails,startups,Django,Vagrant,modulable,cost effective
(Updated) Top 10 Free PHP Shopping Carts: Pros and Cons
Vojislav Janjic | Published Oct 8, 2015

Many PHP-based shopping carts are available, with their strengths and weaknesses. Read about 10 of the best free carts and pick one to fit your needs.

Tags:PHP,shopping carts,e-commerce,e-commerce software,e-commerce platform,shopping cart,shopping cart software,E-Commerce WordPress Plugin