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Seven Key Benefits of Open Source Software
CIO Update Staff | Published Aug 31, 2017

Here are seven key benefits of using open source software.

Tags:open source,security,software,patch,bug,licensing,free,morale,end users,features,Proprietary,cheap,github,Hyperledger,availablity
Ten Security Issues Developers Overlook While Developing Apps
CIO Update Staff | Published Jul 28, 2017

Hundreds of thousands of mobile applications are downloaded by Internet users every day. Learn where problems may occur and to secure your apps.

Tags:security,cybersecurity,apps,malware,application,encryption,mobile devices,jailbreaking,Security Breaches,reverse engineer
Securing the Software Development Process
Christopher Frenz | Published Dec 12, 2016

Probe various ways that security can be incorporated into all aspects of the software development lifecycle.

Tags:SQL,security,vulnerabilities,SDLC,RATs,Software Development Lifecycle,XSS attack,injection attack,Waterfall Model,STRIDE,DREAD
Top 10 Interview Questions a Solution Architect Should Know
Robert L. Bogue | Published Nov 11, 2016

Learn how an interviewer quickly can assess the experiences of a candidate.

Tags:security,SQL injection,fault tolerance,scalability,cross site scripting,functional analyst,development lead,solution architect,cache coherency
Top 10 PHP Security Tips for Linux Admins
CIO Update Staff | Published Oct 26, 2016

Look at some PHP security tips for Linux admins.

Tags:PHP,Linux,security,SQL injection,Ubuntu,Fedora,HTTP,administrator,remote code execution,PHP 7