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Key Features of Successful Mobile Apps
CIO Update Staff | Published Aug 29, 2016

If you incorporate a mobile application into your business model, you need to include essential features that reflect your brand's persona and values.

Tags:smartphone,business model,user friendly,wearable app,mobile app creation,adaptive
Creating Basic Notifications for an Android App
CIO Update Staff | Published Aug 22, 2016

Follow along to create an Android notification that your users will appreciate.

Tags:Android,smartphone,application,notifications,Android Virtual Device,NotificationCompat
What Do Android App Developers Gain with Android Marshmallow?
CIO Update Staff | Published Feb 9, 2016

Android is becoming a major market for mobile apps. Are you ready to develop them?

Tags:Google,smartphone,Google Play,Google Now,Google Now on Tap,Android Marshmallow,Android app developers
A Quick Primer on the Top Android 6.0 Marshmallow Features
CIO Update Staff | Published Oct 22, 2015

Go through some of the top features of Android M and determine whether it stands up to the hype.

Tags:Google,smartphone,Nexus,battery life,fingerprint security,NFC payments,Android Pay,battery charging,Marshmallow,Android 6.0,lock screen