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Consuming Web Services with PHP Using NuSOAP
Octavia Andreea Anghel | Published Mar 15, 2017

Use the NuSOAP library to write a simple PHP Web service server and client. Also, write a PHP Web service server and a JavaScript client to use it.

Tags:PHP,JavaScript,Web services,Ajax,SOAP,HTML,NuSOAP,Web service server,Web service client
Using Microservices via RestExpress
Leonard Anghel | Published Aug 17, 2016

Learn to develop an application based on RestExpress. You will upload Java sources to obtain the compilation results.

Tags:MongoDB,Web services,XML,Java EE,Maven,NetBeans,Microservices,RestExpress,JWT,Netty,Apache ZooKeeper
Using Angular Typeahead
Uma Narayanan | Published Jul 8, 2016

Learn to populate a typeahead dynamically from a Web service; the data displayed will be in tabular format with headers. This is implemented using Angular JS.

Tags:JavaScript,Web services,API,HTML,REST API,AngularJS,typeahead