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Top Mockup and Wireframing Design Tools for Effective UI/UX Designs
David Meyer | Published Apr 7, 2017

Everyone wants to have an effective Web site design that can benefit them in the future run. Learn wireframing to achieve the desired effect.

Tags:Linux,Windows,HTML,Mac,Unix,mobile app,Web site design,UI/UX designers,wireframe,development time,design life cycle
Getting Started with R Using Java
Deepak Vohra | Published Jan 27, 2017

Get started with using the rJava R package to use Java from R.

Tags:Java,Windows,JVM,statistical computing,R,java virtual machine,JNI,Java Native Interface,rJava
Seven Options on For Taking Java Thread Dumps
CIO Update Staff | Published Aug 15, 2016

Learn about seven different options to capture thread dumps, which are used to diagnose and treat many types of problems.

Tags:Java,Windows,JVM,JDK,JRE,thread dump,jstack,Kill -3,JVisualVM,Java Mission Control,JMC,ThreadMXBean