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Introducing JEE Application Session Beans
Manoj Debnath | Published Apr 24, 2017

Explore some key information to use session beans in an enterprise application.

Tags:Java,XML,Business logic,application,metadata,EJB,singleton,stateful,JEE,session bean,remote method invocation,RMI,stateless
The State of Webhooks in the API Economy
CIO Update Staff | Published Apr 19, 2017

Expose your APIs to Webhooks! They allow for streamlined communication between you and partners, and give reason to implement your API integrations.

Tags:XML,SOAP API,REST API,API economy,Webhooks,cloud elements,polling capability,State of API Report
Managing Transactions with EJB
Manoj Debnath | Published Apr 17, 2017

Dive into the concept of transaction management with EJB.

Tags:Java,JDBC,XML,Acid,JTA,atomicity,consistency,isolation,durability,EJB transaction management,bean managed transaction,container-managed
Android Studio Tutorial: An Introduction
Joydip Kanjilal | Published Dec 21, 2016

Learn to use Android Studio, Google's full-blown official IDE for Android application development.

Tags:Java,Eclipse,XML,Google,IDE,android studio,Gradle,Android applications,Android Virtual Device Manager,Android Device Monitor
An Amazingly Easy Way to Consume Android APIs with Retrofit
CIO Update Staff | Published Sep 26, 2016

Learn to use Retrofit to make creating and consuming Android APIs much more manageable.

Using Microservices via RestExpress
Leonard Anghel | Published Aug 17, 2016

Learn to develop an application based on RestExpress. You will upload Java sources to obtain the compilation results.

Tags:MongoDB,Web services,XML,Java EE,Maven,NetBeans,Microservices,RestExpress,JWT,Netty,Apache ZooKeeper
Explore the Java API for JSON Processing
Manoj Debnath | Published Aug 12, 2016

Java has never lacked support for JSON processing. In this article, the specific interest lies in the core API group.

Tags:JavaScript,XML,JSON,Java EE 7,XML programming,Java APIs,object model,streaming model
What Is Hazelcast?
Leonard Anghel | Published Jul 25, 2016

Read through a brief introduction into the Hazelcast world.