An Enterprise Collaborative Communities Roundup - Page 2

Jul 13, 2009

David Strom

A second combination service can be found from Content Circles. The screenshot below shows you their file sharing application, integrated contacts and messaging. They work with Active Directory and Sharepoint applications as well. Their service starts at $10 per month per user for the basic collection of applications.

Finally, started out as a file-sharing application and now has more than a dozen different integrated applications with Google's Gmail and Analytics, Outlook, eFax, and Facebook connect. They have an enterprise administration console that can help you keep track of your users and files, as you can see in this screenshot here:

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways to collaborate. The good news is that almost all of these applications have free trial versions that you can experiment with and see if it is something that your team can make use of. For an up-to-date comparision chart of what all these offerings have to offer, click here.

David Strom is a freelance writer living in St. Louis and the former editor-in-chief of Network Computing magazine,, and Tom's He has written two books and numerous articles on networking, the Internet, and IT security topics. He can be reached at and his blog can be found at

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